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JCB Telehandler

Brief overview


– All of Oldberrow manors excavators are provided with relevant LOLER certification thus keeping in regulation of the HSE. As well as this, all excavators provided by Oldberrow manor are equipped with quick hitch systems allowing attachments to be fitted efficiently. All Oldberrow manor excavators are serviced at the appropriate intervals regarding their operator’s manuals meaning our machines are mechanically sound. Upon hire excavators are provided with operators manuals and daily check sheets, which we insist operators use and abide by.


– All Oldberrow manor telehandlers are provided with up to date LOLER certificates. As well as this, our telehandlers are serviced on a regular basis meaning they’re mechanically sound. Like all our machines, our telehandlers are provided with their operator’s manuals and daily check sheets, which we insist operators use and abide by.

Terms and Conditions


We offer a variety of different transport methods. Machines including our 2.7 Tonne Doosan excavators and 1 Tonne Hi-Tip dumpers can be delivered for a small fee of £50.00 in a 20mile radius of postcode B95 by us personally. Transport for all other pieces of plant must be organised by the hirer. When it comes to transport Oldberrow Manor must ensure that the transport company moving plant owned by us must have insurance and liability for machinery whilst in transport and in their care. Proof of this insurance must be provided prior to the transportation of machinery. Machines will not leave our site until proof of insurance is provided.


Oldberrow Manor will not provide machinery to organisations that do not have insurance for hire equipment clearly stated in their insurance policies. Proof of this policy, as well as its expiry date must be given to Oldberrow Manor prior to the start of the rental period. Failure to provide adequate proof of plant and machinery insurance will result in cancelation of machine hire and deposits will not be released back to the hirer.


Whilst all Oldberrow Manor machinery are fitted with GPS tracking devices with security alerts it is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that all machinery is kept in a secure location and site security must be at a maximum to ensure machine safety.


All machinery is provided by Oldberrow Manor with a pack of daily check sheets. These check sheets must be filled in for everyday the machine is in use. Any defects to any machinery must be reported to Oldberrow Manor immediately meaning we can solve issues promptly with our own mechanics. Damage to machinery whilst on hire is liable to the hirer; Oldberrow Manor will not take responsibility for damage of machinery whilst it is in someone else’s care. Damage to machinery could result in loss of deposits as well as additional fee’s on the ending invoice depending on the scale of damage.


Hirers must provide Oldberrow Manor with a one week deposit for each machine they have on hire plus a £30.00 (+VAT) arrangement fee.

Agreement for Hire of Plant and Equipment

View Agreement for Hire of Plant and Equipment.


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